Refer a Friend

Sharing the GEMS Education vision


As a GEMS parent, we know you share our vision of providing the highest quality, value-based education to every child. Do you know a friend who would like their children to experience the same opportunities?

We’re offering you a special thank you for every friend who joins your school through an introduction.

Our way of saying thank you

For each new student that is successfully enrolled in a GEMS school, we'll give you a 10% discount on your youngest child's annual tuition fees. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can donate the same amount to The Varkey Foundation. Your donation will be used to improve the standards of education for under privileged children in ways such as building classrooms, providing uniforms and training teachers.



Terms and conditions

  1. You must be a parent with your child or children already enrolled in a GEMS participating school. A list of the participating schools can be found on our website 
  2. Referrals are only accepted via your School Registrar.
  3. You can only refer first time GEMS families. This means that your referred friend cannot have older children already in a GEMS school and cannot be transferring from another school in the GEMS network.
  4. You will receive your thank you reward after: a) your friend’s child is successfully enrolled; and b) they have made a cleared payment for their first term tuition fees; and c) their child has
    attended the school for at least two weeks (or at least one month depending on the school they have enrolled in).
  5. Unfortunately you cannot transfer your discount or donation thank you to anyone else.
  6. Your friend’s successful enrollment will always be subject to the respective GEMS school admission and assessment policies and procedures.
  7. In the event that your friend is referred by you and also by another GEMS parent, we will send the thank you to the person who made the first referral.
  8. We would be delighted if you wished to refer more friends. We will thank you with a one time discount or donation (whichever you chose) for each child successfully enrolled in a GEMS school. The referred children can be from the same family.